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We have two dogs with different allergy problems. Our Cavapoo needs grain free and we weren’t sure what our Cavalier needed, but she desperately needed something to help alleviate her skin allergies. Someone suggested that we try the Stella & Chewy Red Meat Recipe Kibble, and it was a game changer! Our cavalier’s skin allergies were completely gone within a month of switching to Stella & Chewy!!! Bonus...our dogs LOVE this food and we have no problems getting them to scarf down their food at dinner time.


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I have had my 8 year old Maltese for 5 years. I have spent the past years desperately trying to find something she will eat. I have added canned food, oatmeal, etc. and I still had to plead with her to eat. Then I read about Stella and Chewy's, plus they had a 5 star rating. I first bought the chicken raw coated kibble, which my dog ate much better than all the other brands I tried in the the past 5 years. BUT WHEN I CAME HOME WITH RED MEAT RAW BLEND, SHE WENT CRAZY. Now she can't get wait for meal time. We are both ecstatically happy with this kibble!!!!!


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